Please see below for further information.

Children should bring their own cricket equipment to every session (bat, ball, pads, gloves, box, etc) and arrive approx 10 minutes prior to the specified start time, dressed in whites with non-marking footwear. Everyone should bring sufficient drink to keep hydrated throughout the session, we suggest water or sports drink. Please ensure that children are collected promptly after the session and if you are delayed please let us know as soon as possible

All of the venues used by Ryan Sidebottom Cricket Academy have been safety checked.

All Staff are ECB qualified at Level 2, 3 or 4.
All staff are CRB checked
All staff have current and up to date first aid and child protection qualifications.

Staff responsibilities:

– To treat all children fairly & protect their self-esteem and develop them individually.
– To provide a challenging, relevant and appropriate coaching.
– Not to use any form of physical intervention, e.g. holding, unless it is necessary to prevent personal injury to the child, other children,an adult or serious damage to property.
– Any significant incident of unacceptable behaviour will be recorded and the parent informed of the incident at the earliest opportunity. The child may be removed from the session or course if deemed necessary.
– We take every child’s safety extremely seriously and our child protection and safeguarding policy is available upon request.

Payment can only be accepted by Direct Debit, bank transfer or cheque. We cannot accept cash payment.

Expected behaviour from children:
– Show respect for everyone on the course and treat them as you would wish to be treated.
– Show respect for all personal property and the facilities.
– Show respect for all coaches. Listen to and follow instructions given by the coaches
– Swearing, abusive and hurtful behaviour and language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
– One child’s behaviour will not be allowed to endanger other children in the group by distracting the coaches.

Parents will be contacted under the following circumstances:
– Serious injury such as a broken or suspicion of broken bone.
– If the child is unable to participate due to serious illness.
– Bang to head that may result in concussion.
– Any situation resulting in a hospital visit.
– Serious behavioural problems.

Children will not need
– Valuables such as watches & jewellery
– Cameras
– Computer Games, iPads,MP3 players

Mobile Phones:
We understand that parents may wish to be able to contact their children during the session but we would ask that your child does not to bring a mobile phone in case of it being lost, stolen or damaged. Ryan Sidebottom Cricket Academy does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen phones & valuables. If mobile phones are brought to the sessions we must ask that the coach is notified and the phone is switched off except in emergencies, with permission of the coach.

All of our courses have public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover.

Lost property:
We cannot guarantee the return of lost property, but we endeavour to return items that are clearly labelled with your child’s full name.

Please read our terms and conditions.